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Laura Greenberg is a professional bassist from Ottawa, Canada and tours internationally. She has performed in 15 countries, as well as opened for George Thorogood, Johnny Winter, & Jimmie Vaughan. Laura has had the opportunity to get on stage with artists such as Buddy Guy, and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In June 2021, Laura was featured in Bass Player Magazine.


Laura has performed on albums nominated for various awards including JUNO, Maple Blues, and Folk Music awards. She began playing music as a teenager, and later studied electric bass performance at Carleton University, where she was awarded the university medal for music. Laura is a two time winner of the Maple Blues Award for bassist of the year, which honours blues musicians from across Canada. Laura proudly endorses Eden Bass Amplification, GHS Strings, and Westone Audio.


Eden Bass Amplification: TN501 head and an EX210 cab. Visit Laura's artist page

GHS Strings: Precision Flats; Brite Flats. Visit Laura's artist page

Westone Audio: UM Pro 50; ETYPlugs-high fidelity ear plugs

1969 Telecaster bass, Precision bass, Jazz bass, upright bass

Laura is a contributor for Bass Musician Magazine. View her page here:


10 Not So Standard Blues Forms Every Bassist Should Know

Old Whiskey Road
The Humble Divines

The Road (2013)

Blues and Company.png
Laura Greenberg
Orienteers/Home of Your Own

Merge Records Tribute (2014)

Old Whiskey Road

Through the Pines (2011)

Erayna Young
Old Whiskey Road
Bohemian Cove
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